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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so all month long we are highlighting individuals and groups doing their part to increase awareness, compassion, and understanding about this disease that effects so many people. Last week, I introduced you to breast cancer survivor, Teri Trotter, and the company she founded called The Pink Wig. In writing that piece, I was made aware of this week’s WARRIOR, Marshall Moneymaker (isn’t that the coolest name ever?) Losing a loved one is never easy, imagine losing three relatives to the same disease within a couple of years. Marshall’s three sisters, Penny, Valessa, and Vicky, all died as a result of having breast cancer. Losing his sisters, Marshall, looked inside himself and found new life and purpose in their honor. Marshall, along with the support of his incredible wife Shannon, began a non-profit organization called For 3 Sisters.  This group provides “information about, and access to resources (of all kinds), and raises awareness about breast cancer through community outreach programs.” You have to go to the site and read Marshall’s Story, and you will understand why he is a WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

The Pink Fireman! Photo by Freed Photography

The Pink Fireman! Photo by Freed Photography

Marshall was already a WARRIOR because he had been saving lives as a fireman for many years, and now he is also known as The Pink Fireman. This big burly guy dressed up in pink in honor of his 3 sisters. Inspirational, and just special, Marshall! Totem Tamers is sorry for your losses, and we are grateful that you have turned those tragic events into something so positive and comforting to many others impacted by this disease. We are honored to call you a WARRIOR!

Stay well.

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PS: Sending love and light to Amy and Lynnie, long time dear friends, who lost their Mom yesterday to cancer. xoxo