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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every Wednesday in October I had the honor of highlighting a person, and/or organization that is somehow doing their part in the fight to find a cure for this disease. Since today is the last Wednesday, I thought it best to just recap all our WARRIOR’s in case you missed any, and it is always a pleasure to be able to introduce some truly fantastic individuals! Our first WARRIOR this month was the always inspiring Teri Trotter! I met Teri through a mutual dear friend and have been in awe of her ever since. Battling the disease herself (and kicking its ass!), Teri created a foundation to help others who are fighting cancer. The Pink Wig puts hot pink wigs on the heads of those who are looking for a boost while undergoing treatment, or heck, for atone supporting someone undergoing treatment! Read the post and visit the site to learn more!

Next, it was the Pink Fireman, also known as Marshall Moneymaker! Marshall’s story is so moving and heartbreaking yet at the same time inspirational and uplifting. With the help of his incredible wife Shannon, they began an organization called For 3 Sisters, in honor of Marshall’s sisters who all died as a result of breast cancer. Marshall is a great example of how someone can persevere in the face of true adversity, and that makes him a WARRIOR!

I was introduced to Marshall by our next WARRIOR, Mollie Simpkins! Mollie lost her mom to breast cancer and has since been involved in many amazing organizations related to finding a cure for breast cancer and providing education and resources to anyone who needs it. She’s all kinds of awesome.

If the world couldn’t get any smaller, the following WARRIOR WEDNESDAY I talked about the Avon Breast Cancer Walk after I ran into a woman who knows Mollie and Marshall! Evidence to how supportive this community can be and how special the people are that get involved.

A WARRIOR in his own right, is artist Ray Ferrer, who out of sheer generosity offered to donate a portion of proceeds from sales to the fight against breast cancer. Still two days left, so hit the link above and buy some art while doing some good at the same time!

Last but certainly not least, is a very brief update on a friend I first mentioned in April. After finding a cancerous lump, she bravely decided to undergo a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of a recurrence, and had her Bulldog Totem by her side throughout. I am happy to say that her new boobs look awesome and she’s happy and cancer free!

The hope for a cure is never-ending, please visit the links of any of the WARRIORS above and maybe you’ll find a way to do your part to help.

Stay well.

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