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All month long we have been honoring WARRIORS during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our first WARRIOR was, Teri Trotter, who started a charity, The Pink Wig, after her own battle with the disease and she continues to be a source of inspiration for many! Next we honored, Marshall Moneymaker, who also began a charity, For 3 Sisters, after he lost his three sisters to breast cancer. I am blessed to have met Teri personally and she’s a superstar. I have not yet met Marshall, a superstar in his own right, but the woman who made me aware of him and his story though, is Mollie Simpkins, this week’s WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!



Mollie’s mom, Gail, lost her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 51. Since that tragedy, Mollie has waged a fight to help find a cure for breast cancer, and she does her part in bringing joy to those who have been impacted by the disease. Mollie does this by participating in 3-day walk events to raise money, she does this by posting really great inspirational messages on her Facebook wall, she does this by introducing the world to great people like Marshall, she does this by just being her. Another organization that she introduced me to, that quite possibly changed the course of Mollie’s life, is Casting for Recovery (CFR). CFR uses fly-fishing to further their “principles that the natural world is a healing force and that cancer survivors deserve one weekend — free of charge and free of the stresses from medical treatment, home, or workplace — to experience something new and challenging while enjoying beautiful surroundings within an intimate, safe, and nurturing structure.” Mollie fell in love with fly-fishing as a result, and something only a WARRIOR could do, Mollie left her well-established life in Maryland and headed to Montana about a month ago for a new job, a new life to establish, and plenty of fish in the sea! As an example of how special Mollie is, especially to Marshall Moneymaker and his wife Shannon, they offered to drive Mollie to her new home! We’re talking days in the car with Mollie and her pup Vicky, you have to be special to get someone to do that for you. I spoke with Marshall and Shannon and this is what they had to say: “Mollie gives of herself; not for what she expects to get in return, but because her heart is golden and her intentions are pure. Those are noble traits. Warriors are noble. Mollie is a warrior…and we love her. – Shannon and Marshall”

I am honored to name Mollie this week’s WARRIOR and humbled to be her friend, and inspired just by knowing her.

Stay well.

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