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What it is! Well, what it is, is the chance to go back for a moment to a great time in my life when I lived in New Orleans, LA.. It was basically just for middle school and a bit of 9th grade, but I remember it with great fondness and even have Facebook friends from that time period. So when events happen in Louisiana, I pay attention. When Katrina hit, I was actually doing some volunteer work for The Red Cross in Manhattan. It was remarkable watching everyone coordinate and try to help find ways to let other people help. As I sat there fielding phone calls, or filing papers, I thought about the man who was my stepfather during the few years I lived in New Orleans and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was ok. He was thankfully, and we had a lovely sort of phone reunion and managed to touch base a couple more times before he passed away several years later. The news was sad to me and I realized that my connection to New Orleans will always be there.

Get out and vote!

Get out and vote!

When word came around that Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu, was being forced into a runoff for her seat, the tug at my heart was there again. My mom was moved to help as well, as she knew Mary Landrieu during our time in New Orleans. Senator Landrieu was extremely helpful when my mom created a battered women’s shelter, and now my mom could return the help! We were honored to attend a fundraiser this past week for the Senator, who is busy in the final days leading up to the runoff, getting her message out and reminding the state of Louisiana that she has been there for them all along and will continue to be a voice in the Senate for them. That meant of course, that Senator Landrieu couldn’t be at the fundraiser, but I think the person they sent in her stead to motivate us and speak on her behalf, was more than adequate.

No, she still didn't tell me anything "really" important. ;)

No, she still didn’t tell me anything “really” important. 😉

Senator Landrieu has served Louisiana in some capacity since the age of 23, from state representative to state treasurer, and in 1996, she became the first woman from Louisiana elected to a full term in the Senate. She has never been afraid to fight for the good of the state even when it’s not a popular or universal issue. Her runoff is this Saturday and she needs support from anyone and everyone to make sure voters get out and cast their ballots. She’s been the underdog before and has managed to win every time and she can do it again! I don’t love to be so political, and I often confess to not being politically savvy enough to even have an opinion, but this is for a woman who has given her everything to the state she loves, and for an adopted home state of mine! Who dat?!

If you want to help, even with $5, click here and get involved.

Stay well.

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