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#GivingTuesday started in 2012 and seems to have caught on!! With the onset of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a bunch of really generous people decided to give the rest of us an opportunity to give back! So what are you giving? I could certainly hand you a list of worthy organizations, some that I love and think are ever deserving of your money, but I won’t do that. I want you to dig deep, not financially, but emotionally and see what rings true for you. Today I went through some papers and found something from my University asking for money. I went to Syracuse, and I am Orange through and through, but at decision making time, I realized that my children’s public schools are already greatly underfunded and not-for-profit, so it makes more sense to me and feels more true, to give money to them. I gave money to a dear friend of mine who is running the Boston Marathon next year and is raising money for a cause dear to him. I didn’t give a lot, but I gave something and that’s all that matters. If it’s ten bucks or ten thousand, the giving feels good.

You can even give a Totem!

You can even give a Totem!

Stay well.

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