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There’s just something about a small business isn’t there? The ones owned by a young person just looking to do something passionate, or the ones owned by generations just looking to make it in the world. I love those! Heck, Totem Tamers is a small business, and we know I love that! There’s also something about finding unique gifts for people, because who doesn’t love getting a gift when you know there was some thought put in to it?! Well, there’s a small business near me called, Icon Style, and it’s a small business filled with unique gifts! It’s all vintage jewelry and fashion and accessories, and I could spend hours just looking at all the different pieces. I did spend some time there yesterday looking for a gift, and had the best time with the owner, Lara. She was eager to help, and guided me to some pieces that I fell in love with, not just for gifts, but for myself, too. In the process, I excitedly spotted some owls, and that of course led me to introducing Owl to Lara, and to some new friends.

Owls are Icon-ic!!

Owls are Icon-ic!!

The cool thing about Icon Style is that the inventory is always changing, which means I will always be popping in to see what’s new!! Thank you Lara, for helping me find a gift for myself, and for a friend, and best of luck to your small business!

Stay well.

Icon Style, can be found on Facebook, “like” and “follow’! You can also do the same for Totem Tamers here! If you need a Totem to take around town, just click on any of the Totems on the side of the page and get yours today!