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Diane Keaton is one of those classic New York actresses, thanks in part to Woody Allen, of course, and the movies she’s made with him. She also commandeered a fashion sense that made pants and suit wearing for women, sexy, acceptable, and fun! She’s got a movie out now with Morgan Freeman, called “5 Flights Up”. I haven’t seen it yet, but the two of them in a film should certainly be good! The irony, that was discovered in a Daily News article promoting the film, is that Keaton is afraid to fly. That she freely mentions her anxiety, is what makes her this week’s WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

Keaton and Totems!

Keaton and Totems!

Keaton discusses that she doesn’t travel much because of her fear of flying and uses medication to manage. Totem Tamers understands that medications can be helpful in extreme cases, but we hope to give people the tools to remain calm, so that maybe at some point, medication can be an option, not a necessity. I would guess that Ms. Keaton might choose OWL to accompany her on her travels, but you never know what Totem someone might connect with. It’s the simple techniques of visualization, deep breathing, and repetition that can help keep you calm in potentially overwhelming situations. What Totem would you choose?

Thank you Diane Keaton, for your courage in sharing your anxiety, and we are proud to call you this week’s WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

Stay well.

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