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It doesn’t matter if you’re into snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter or classic chocolate chip, you know the brilliance of a cookie when it comes out of the oven. Still warm, still soft, and even gooey. Oh yeah, that’s magic right there. That’s the only way I can describe what it feels like inside my core, when I sneak a peek at my boys in the middle of the night as they dream.

IMG_2948 IMG_2947

My sleeping angels.

My sleeping angels.

Yes, they will probably shun me for posting those pics, but I often say that if they aren’t frustrated with me about something, than I’m not doing my job! People have been asking what my plans were for today, and my response is “pretty much what I do every day!” I will walk the dog, make the breakfast, clean the dishes, yell about the homework, beg them to go outside, but I will also hug my kids, and tell them I love them, and thank them for allowing me to the best Mom that I can be, and for letting me screw up and loving me anyway. I am blessed to have the gift of being able to love my children and receive their love in return. And now, I think I’ll go put some cookies in the oven!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mom’s out there (even if you’re a Dad)!

Stay well.

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