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It ticks me off that I have to write this post. Not because our WARRIOR isn’t just that, but because what inspired me to name this kick-ass chick a WARRIOR shouldn’t be something that makes news. Unfortunately in the last couple weeks, comments regarding women’s bodies have been front and center! One newscaster publicly apologized to singer Kelly Clarkson, for an insensitive remark that was made about her weight gain. He was goaded into that remark by another doofus newscaster, but somehow that guy wasn’t called to the carpet. Meanwhile, Kelly has a voice that can make people weep, and that’s all that we should be focusing on!

Our WARRIOR this week is another singer, and all around performer, who sadly, but gracefully, felt the need to come out and address fat-shaming comments that have surfaced about her. WARRIOR Pink, posted a picture of herself in a beautiful dress, and haters took to Twitter to slam her about weight gain. You know she looked freaking amazing in the dress, and that’s what blows me away.

Pink in hot black! (Getty Images)

Pink in hot black! (Getty Images)

I guarantee you that the judgement we render upon ourselves when we look in the mirror is bad enough, we don’t need other people to chime in. And we certainly shouldn’t have to apologize or defend why we look the way we do. Isn’t it enough to say that “Gee, she looks really happy”, or “Wow, how does she keep her boobs from falling out of that dress?” Actually, that last one is a real query. How?! I struggle with my body image every day. Even when I’m at my fittest, I still struggle. In the last few years however, I have come to love my body and all it’s bits and nooks and crannies, and bra-fat be damned, I’m not going to apologize for it! Thank you Pink, for being a voice, for being a superstar Mom, trapeze artist, sexy beast, and inspiration, among a gazillion other attributes, and for being this week’s, WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

Stay well.

I always try to imagine which Totem our WARRIORS might choose. Pink was tricky, but ultimately I would choose Bear for her, because Bear can be simultaneously cuddly and fierce. What Totem would you choose? Get yours today by clicking on any of the Totem images on the side of the page.