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We are a few days into Spring and I’m still my wearing my winter hat and coat. We even had a snowstorm on the first day of Spring! It was fun hearing people come up with their explanations as to why we were having this cold blast. One man said sweetly “it’s Winter saying hello to Spring!” Another person I overheard said “it’s Winter showing Spring who’s boss!”  It was my little one however, who I think summed up the Springtime snow blast the best. He said “Winter is acting like a little kid who doesn’t want to get off the video game and keeps saying “let meplay one more game, let me play one more game!”” My son got a fist bump for that one. 

Meanwhile, chilly outside doesn’t have to mean chilly inside and my orchids are blooming and reminding me and inspiring me to consider all the growth that is to come!

Happy Spring! (At least on the inside!)

Stay well.

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