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A dear friend has had a run of crumby luck and just a lot of “stuff” going on, including a pipe rupturing in the ceiling above her apartment. What that resulted in apparently looked like a torrential downpour throughout the living room. What that resulted in apparently was the need to rip up all the gorgeous wood flooring, which meant the entire family had to move out, likely for almost a year. Thank goodness it’s just stuff and everything can be replaced, but the hassle of finding a new apartment to rent, hiring movers, hiring contractors, filing claims, uprooting two kids, two cats, and the list goes on and on, is enough to make anyone lose it. Throughout this mess, my friend has maintained a stiff upper lip and has triumphed over the madness by being the conscientious, organized, and meticulous person she is. She astounds me. Even further, she found the time to send me a picture.

Totem and Toothbrush!

Totem and Toothbrush!

One of her children is the proud owner of Bulldog. In the midst of the craziness, Bulldog maintained a presence in her child’s now upturned world, and found a place in plain view to help with the understandingly overwhelming situation. Your Totem doesn’t have to be on your person at all times,  it could simply be on a shelf, nightstand, or even a sink, as a simple reminder to take deep breaths, visualize the calm, and start feeling better immediately. Thank you for sharing my friend, your calm in the face of all the crazy is an inspiration to us all.

Stay well.

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