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Yes, I’m being very lighthearted in my title line today, because frankly, thinking about tumors of any kind is really freaking heavy and scary and usually overwhelming. Also, the person who is our WARRIOR WEDNESDAY this week, is handling his diagnosis of having a huge ass brain tumor nestled between his ears, with courage, fierceness, and humility. That’s why he’s a WARRIOR! His name is Ray Ferrer, and I have never met him. He’s an artist who ended up following Totem Tamers WordPress blog a long time ago. Intrigued, I went to his page and saw his art, and was immediately blown away!! I have mentioned Ray in this blog before, when his generosity moved me during Breast Cancer Awareness month, and he donated a portion of his sales towards the fight against breast cancer. Well, Ray is fighting now, and as I said before, his bravery and openness during his fight has been incredibly moving and inspiring. As with any difficult medical experience, the shock of medical bills and care can be almost more overwhelming than the actual illness. Ray continues to suffer seizures and even temporary paralysis, and as an artist, I can only imagine the terror he must go through when he can’t feel his hands, for example. In an effort to defray costs, Ray’s Etsy Page is offering a discount of 50% on works available on the site. I just ordered a few pieces, but I didn’t take the discount, because I’m grateful to be able to help. If you have it in you to make a purchase to help Ray in his fight, and his wife in her support for Ray, please look at his work and help this WARRIOR! One of the pieces I purchased (a few of them actually, to give as gifts), is a beautiful print of the deity, Ganesha, who I happened to write about a couple weeks ago!

Om Sri Ganesha!

Om Sri Ganesha!

Ganesha, known as the remover of obstacles and god of new beginnings. I can only hope that Ray will recover fully and be gifted with new beginnings, as this obstacle of a tumor shrinks to nothing so he can continue his art.

Stay well.

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