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We celebrated the birthday this week, of a man who had a dream. I had intended to post a happy birthday blog, honoring Dr. King and his dream. I got too busy and couldn’t get to it on Monday. Then yesterday, more life got in the way and I was managing the schedule of three kids, myself and even the dog (yes, he has a schedule, too!) Once again, no blog post. Then it hit me, it’s never too late to honor someone who had a vision of unity and hope, it’s never too late to say thank you to someone who had the courage to stand up for what he believed in, it’s never too late to dream. Happy birthday and thank you Dr. King! Last night, as our President delivered the State of the Union address, Dr. King’s dream was floating in the space around us all. We heard the President talk about how far we have come, and yet remind us that in so many ways, we are still a long way from realizing the dream.

Dream of reflection.

Dream of reflection.

This is the view Dr. King had when he delivered his “I have a dream” speech, more than 50 years ago. Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and looking out across the reflecting pool, I am humbled and awe-inspired. We all have the ability to dream, and in the United States of America, we all have the right to dream. It makes no matter how big or small, how lofty or far-reaching, how minor or how grand, as long as you exercise that right to dream! You dream of being a rock star? Jam on! You dream of being a scientist? Study on! You dream of being a teacher? Lead on! That’s the beauty of being able to dream, there are no limitations. Dr. King’s dream wasn’t out of reach, and yes, look at how far we have come, but still, so far to go.  Dr. King’s dream requires a collective, all of us, dreaming together. Working towards the same reality where we are all treated equally, where you can love who you want to love, work and earn what you deserve, where you can live without fear for being who you are, where we can all rest our heads on our pillows at night and have sweet dreams instead of nightmares. In the words of another dreamer, Steven Tyler, “Dream until your dreams come true.”

Stay well.

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