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Thank you for all your patience and support while our experts repaired the shopping cart filled with all of your lovely orders!! We are back up and running, so if there’s a Totem gift you’ve been meaning to buy, now would be the time to do it!!

This being our busy season, there’s always a chance that we end up sold out of your favorite Totem, so don’t delay. All Totems deserve a good home, and why shouldn’t that home be yours!

Ommmmm, Totems!

Ommmmm, Totems!

Happy Buddha with Totems, kept us nice and calm and patient. It also helps when you have experts like the folks at MEV, on the job!! Thank you guys!

Stay well.

Don’t hesitate, why wait, breathe deep, your Totem to keep!! Just click on one of the Totems on the left and get yours today!