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I don’t know Manny, but I feel like I do because I watch his trials and tribulations, his worries and his wins, on Facebook! His mom Beth, is extraordinary (I don’t know her personally either,) and I suspect we will be hearing more about her soon. Meanwhile, Manny has a host of medical woes and it’s incredible to watch him shine through every test and procedure, every hospital admission and fever, and throughout there is always a smile on his face. When Beth posted recently that Manny had to go back in to the hospital, my son was standing over my shoulder, without hesitation we both agreed that Manny needed a Totem! I messaged Beth on Facebook and asked her to find out which Totem Manny would like, and he chose Shark!! Here is Manny in the hospital receiving his Totem:

A gift!

A gift!

What's in the box?

What’s in the box?

A Shark!

A Shark!

... 9, 10, I am calm again.

… 9, 10, I am calm again.

Totem Tamers sends thoughts and prayers to Manny as he goes through this next challenge, and now he has Shark by his side. If you want to learn more about Manny and his incredible family, you can send your good thoughts to his Facebook page (this kid is a rockstar I tell you!) by clicking on this link and following him!

Stay well.

If you know someone going through a rough time and you think they might enjoy having the calming benefits of a Totem by their side, click on one of the Totem images on the page and get one today!!