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I always think of my Grandfather on Veteran’s Day, and the hundreds of letters he wrote to my Grandmother when he was drafted overseas. He wasn’t “in” long, but reading his letters, it was certainly long enough for him! I went through some of them today, and two lines from one of them brought beautiful tears to my eyes.

Heading home....

Heading home….

This is the letter he wrote telling my Grandma Selma that he was being discharged and coming home. He writes “Honey, in two weeks you will be in my arms again. Two more weeks and then I will be in Heaven.” Incredible words written by a 6’4 giant of a man with a gruff voice and sometimes the personality to match.

Big and burly, but sweet like a rose sometimes!

Big and burly, but sweet like a rose sometimes!

I can’t imagine what it must have been like for my Grandmother to raise her kids on her own while her husband was out of the country defending and protecting our country. It’s hard to imagine the many that do that today, and do so with honor! Totem Tamers thanks all the veterans who have served and continue to serve, and the many that support them.

Stay well.

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