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It’s remarkable what happens when I’m traveling with my kids. I’m on top of it. I own it. I am MacGuyver at a moments notice when one kids shoelace breaks and another’s lost the rubber bands for his braces…well, why not? Ok, gross, but really there’s no time to be anxious when it’s me and my three kids, mostly because I’m so concerned with their anxiety to even acknowledge my own. Even still, I’m grateful that when I do recognize that I’m having anxiety, I can typically cope fairly well. Then there are the times I travel alone and I swear I am a different person. My anxiety gets so ratcheted up that I can’t think straight and/or I think too much. What happens to that uber competent Super Mom that has it all under control? I’m writing this while on a train to our nation’s Capitol, but there were many moments I didn’t think I’d make the train! From forgetting to take my ID out of one bag and put it in my travel bag, to doubting whether Amtrak really leaves from Penn Station or not! Yeah, I know, I’m a total goofball, but it’s not me, it’s the anxiety talking! Clearly I made it onto the train and I can sort of relax for the quick trip to DC, but my mind is already racing about finding a taxi, getting to the hotel, convinced that I might have forgotten something crucial, you name it! Thankfully, I have my Totems, yes, all of them, including some I hope to get into the hands of some very important people while on my trip. Lucky me that I get to share with people the wonderful calming techniques that Totem Tamers provides, all the while using those techniques on myself! Would it be wrong to wake up my snoozing seat mate so we can talk about Totem Tamers? Just kidding! Unless of course she starts snoring then all bets are off!

Thanks to my seat mate for her help with the photo (she doesn’t snore!)

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..”

Stay well.

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