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I apologize for the dramatic and maudlin title, but I guess it’s just where my head is with lots of people around me experiencing loss in some form or another, and therefore me, by association. That’s called empathy! I was struck by an image today as I was walking with my kids, and it was sad to see, but for some reason I knew I needed to take a picture.

Beautiful Butterfly Beyond

Beautiful Butterfly Beyond

I love butterflies, and even moth’s that look like butterflies, which I suspect this little creature may have been. There it was on the ledge of a brownstone looking peaceful in death with the still-beautiful markings stark enough to catch my eye. My kids are used to my wackiness, so there was no question when I stopped and insisted on taking a picture, and it was made more meaningful when the notion of still being beautiful in death was something I could share with my kids. Obviously it goes way deeper than that, and death can mean anything from the actual death of a person or beloved family pet, to the end of a relationship or a move from a long time home. We need to strive to find the beauty in change no matter how painful, confusing or devastating it can be. When we can see that there are lessons learned or new experiences to look forward to, then we can process that our lives have been changed, and hopefully for the better. Everyone we meet, every animal we encounter, every experience we have, changes us, what we do with that change is up to us. I walked away from this beautifully expired insect feeling a bit calmer about my days ahead, and I mean tomorrow, not years from now, and sometimes just feeling calmer about tomorrow, is enough. I hope someone else walks by to see the beauty laying there, and that it gives them the sense of calm it gave to me. My wings are wide and I await the winds of change to carry me to my next destination. Join me.

Stay well.

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