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I often mention how blessed I am to be able to live in New York City, and that’s because I mean it!! You never knew who is going to be passing you on the street (remember LeBron, last week!), you never know what kind of street art you will witness, and you never know whose house you might end up at because you share a common cause. It was months ago when I was invited to attend a gathering in support of the Drug Policy Alliance, at the home of one of their board members, Jason Flom. Turns out Mr. Flom is a pretty big deal in the music business as President of Lava Records, evidenced by the many photos of him online with superstars from Jay-Z to Katy Perry!

Mr. Flom and Ms. Perry!

Mr. Flom and Ms. Perry!

Also turns out that Mr. Flom and I have some friends in common, and we share a love of Bulldogs. When I walked in to the apartment, I spotted my host across the room and made my way over to say hello, but not before the cutest, most adorable, smush-faced bulldog made her way over to me to say hello first! I politely put my hand up to Mr. Flom, and said, “Sorry, Bulldogs come first,” which of course, he fully understood. The evening was a success as we heard from DPA Founder Ethan Nadelmann, and all the progress that has been made in the war against the war on drugs, as well as making sure Naloxone (a life-saving drug invented by my Stepfather) gets in to the hands of all first responders. Mr. Flom was a great host as he charmed the crowd and raised some much needed funding for DPA. (By the way, I can almost guarantee, that every time I write Mr. Flom, Mr. Flom is cringing.) As a thank you for hosting the evening, and because of our Bulldog fascination, I dropped off a Bulldog Totem Set the next day. Mr. Flom sent over an email of gratitude and we agreed that we would connect again at another DPA event. About a month later, Mr. Flom, became Jason, when he sent me an email thanking me, yet again, and telling me “I’ve been carrying her [Bulldog] with me every day and she has brought me good energy (-: Jason.” I was thrilled and definitely touched, and grateful that he took time out of his very busy, and surely very fabulous schedule, to write me that email. Several months later, there was another email still. “Just a quick note to say hi and to tell you that I carry my little golden bulldog with me everywhere I go! Jason” As I wrote back and thanked him effusively, I realized that it’s all these little emails of encouragement that push my business partner, Daniel and I forward, because we know with Totem Tamers, we have created something that can help people, from my then 8-year-old who was suffering from anxiety attacks, to the President of a record company that is churning out superstars like Lorde and Jetta! Again, I say thank you to Jason, and to everyone who shares their stories with us, and their pictures of Totems around Town! We love to hear from you, so send along your words and your photos to info@totemtamers.com, and we can share them here!

Stay well.

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