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I wrote the other day about how a conversation with a guy that works in my neighborhood led to him leaving me some wonderful ointment for my achy knee. Which reminds me, I really need to put some on now, and also reminds me of how I got my achy knee. 20 or so years ago (ok it’s more than that, but leave me alone) I was on my high school Varsity basketball team. Anyone who makes a short joke about me, will get it! We were fierce every time we lost, and we lost almost every time. Didn’t stop me from going after every shot, from sticking to the zone defense, and hauling butt down the court after a turnover. The only thing that did stop me was tearing my ACL. Ouch! Thus ended my illustrious basketball career. It didn’t however, end my love for the game and I can appreciate a great player when I see one, and today it was LeBron James!! Ok, so he left my Miami Heat, but not before reenergizing the team and the city, so I am grateful.

King James has a Shark!

King James has a Shark!

Just so happens he is in my neighborhood shooting some scenes for the upcoming movie, “Trainwreck”! The movie starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, promises to be hilarious, because with the two of them in it, how could it not be!! Just imagine LeBron, shooting hoops with Hader!! I’m giggling already!! Meanwhile, as a lifetime basketball fan, I decided to show LeBron my gratitude and gift him a Totem Set. As you can imagine, the security detail surrounding him is massive, and I’m talking about the size of the guys charged with protecting him, not the quantity of guys. What’s the lesson of the week? Talk to people!! It’s what I do, and it’s what I did. So even though I saw King James leaving his trailer after a wardrobe change, I couldn’t quite get close enough to hand him the Totem. As a resourceful person though, I used the cuteness of my 8-year-old (who happens to be a LeBron fan) to win over the boss of the security guys. He came off the set to say hi to my son and apologize for not being able to bring him inside, but that he would happily deliver the Totem! Happiness all around and hail to the King!!

Stay well.

If you need a Totem, then you should get a Totem! Click on any of the images to the left to get one today, and maybe one day, you could be King!