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Hi, my name is Julie, and I’m a talker. I just can’t seem to stop myself from engaging in conversation with people I know, people I don’t know, people I don’t want to know. It just happens, and I am powerless. Truth be told, as much as it annoys my kids when we are out and about, or frustrates the dog when he has “business” to do, for example, I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to change. I choose to talk. Maybe that’s because for every conversation I have, whether it’s a minute or ten minutes long, my world has been affected. There’s power in that affection, be it positive or negative. That power has shown itself in many ways, from new friendships that have been forged, to job leads, to actual jobs, to emotional and intimate sharing with people I may never see again but the conversation will stay with me forever. The power also showed up last night at almost midnight with a package that was delivered to my building.

Totem Balm!

Totem Balm!

When I went down this morning to pick up the package, there was no note, just a crumpled paper bag that held “Electric Medicated Balm.” I was stumped. I told the doormen that there must be some mistake, this wasn’t meant for me. They checked the computer for any additional info, and that’s when it clicked. My overnight doorman had noted that “Dante” dropped off the package. A-ha! I can hear you asking who Dante might be! Well, Dante is a guard that works for the building complex down the street from me. I see him in the early morning hours when he’s finishing his overnight shift and I am just getting my day started. Of course, we talk. We ended up trading tales of injuries awhile back with both of us comparing knee maladies. Dante swears by this Chinese doctor downtown who gives him herbs and ointments to help him out, and then he is right as rain. Dante said he would get me the doctor’s card and promised that this special balm the doctor has, would definitely help.

I sit here typing as my knee is feeling the cooling, healing effects of this “electric medicated balm”, and my soul is feeling the warmth of a guy named Dante, who thankfully likes to talk as much as I do.

Stay well.

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