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I like funny people. People say I’m funny. I like to make people laugh and of course I like to laugh. I remember my ex-husband would get almost annoyed and practically yell at me to do stand-up comedy. That would make me laugh. More out of nervousness because there is something to the draw of getting up in front of a room full of people and telling your story so to speak. The terror of completely bombing though, is enough to keep my feet on the sticky barroom floor rather than the slick with sweat stage. Don’t get me wrong, I love to tell a story and my dad, for the little time I knew him, could certainly tell a joke. Personally I think, I’m just not ready. Maybe one day I’ll get up there and share the tale of parental horror when I was forced to share the bathroom stall with my 18-month old son who couldn’t quite turn around when Mommy had to go potty. He very loudly announced in the rather full bathroom “Mommy! You have really big tessicles!” What do you do? You can’t get mad. Hell, I don’t even know what he was looking at, I swear! The horror was coming out of the stall and having to withstand the curious glances from the other potty attendees. “What? At least he used the medical term,” I blurted.

I do know some people who do have the courage to get up there, and I applaud them and admire them wholeheartedly. That’s why when I saw the piece last week in The New York Times Magazine about Maria Bamford, I was engaged immediately. She’s a familiar comic, but I didn’t really know her whole story until this article. As I read about her struggles with anxiety and depression, I knew she was a WARRIOR! Maria Bamford, doesn’t shy away from these very personal details about her life and even further, she delves right in to it on stage in her act. She talks about suicide, she talks about the medication she takes, and the times she’s been hospitalized. Notice I don’t say she jokes about it, sure she makes you laugh when she shares, but this is definitely no joke. This is a woman who struggles every day with keeping her head above water, and one of the ways she does that is by making us laugh. That my friends is a true WARRIOR.

Stay well.

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