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Bulldog whisperer...

Bulldog whisperer…

As I watched this beautiful young kitten basking in the sun, witnessing all the movements from the yard beyond the glass, I considered how peaceful she seemed. Then I thought about Bulldog, who was nestled safely in my bag, and laughed at all the swirling images in my head of cats and dogs and the forever feud between the species. This was a chance to get the two together and see what would happen!

Bulldog and kitty just chillin'!

Bulldog and kitty just chillin’!

Not much happened really. Kitty was definitely curious about this bronze creature staring at her, but Bulldog didn’t do anything to get in her way, so she regarded Bulldog with an inquisitive respect and went about her lounging. Oh yes, there is a deeper message here, as we scan the news daily for updates on fighting across the globe. Horror stories of children being killed in missile strikes, planes being shot out of the air, people seeking shelter as the air sirens wail in fear, all because we are different. Sure there are major issues at stake here, and I am not trying to undermine the struggles that each side contends with and believes in, but there has to be a better way. We shouldn’t make decisions out of fear, but here I am worrying about my children getting on a plane in a couple weeks just to fly domestically. Here I am worrying about traveling out of the country myself in a couple weeks. I will do my best to quell the anxiety and reassure myself that all will be fine and that not truly living my life (or letting my kids live theirs’) is letting the anxiety win. I will remind myself of the kitty and Bulldog just hanging out side by side while the world continued around them, and hear the purring, hoping that it drowns out the pounding in my chest.

Stay well.

Bulldog and the other Totems will join me on my journey, because the reminder to breathe in overwhelming situations is key to remaining calm. If you would like a Totem to travel with, buy one today by simply clicking on one of the images to your left! Thank you.