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This past Sunday was a beautiful day in New York City and I was glad to be spending it outside at an awesome Mom-centric event on the pier. The event was sponsored by Mamapalooza, which is an organization committed to helping women claim their voice in whatever they choose to pursue! I was thrilled when my friend Sara, from ArtsEdConsultant, suggested we team up at a table. It was a brilliant idea, because where Sara’s expertise covers all levels of development with children, from potty training to choosing the right school, I help cover the stress and anxiety that comes along with all those stages, for the children and their parents! Sara and I have done this before and it helps that I think she’s just a fantastic person, so sharing a space with her is fun, regardless of us actually getting our message out. Well this Sunday there was a shift, because we had a great time AND got our message out. The last time we were at this event together, we couldn’t drag people over to our table. The ones who did make their way over really only feigned interest so they could have a piece of candy or use the hand sanitizer, at least it helped us practice our elevator pitches. This time around though, many people had questions for Sara, and many people not only held Totems and read the booklet, but people bought Totems to help with situations they were currently being faced with. I can’t tell you how exciting it is when I fill someone in on the simple techniques that Totem Tamers offers, and then watch the comprehension take over. I just love it.

Table mates rocked Mamapalooza 2014!

Table mates rocked Mamapalooza 2014!

It was wonderful listening to Sara explain with ease how Totem Tamers can help frustrated parents cope with their ever frustrating children, and vice versa! Seeing children march right up to the table and take a Totem in hand and really study them was so encouraging, and it allowed Sara to talk to parents who had concerns that they may not have wanted to discuss directly in front of the children. The theme of the day for Sara seemed to be potty training, with a smattering of homework and behavioral concerns. The theme for Totem Tamers seemed to be understanding, as parents and children looked at the incredible illustrations in the booklet and recognized the feelings depicted inside while following the simple instructions. Sara and I are still remarking at how willing parents and children were in sharing the challenges that they are faced with, and we were more than thrilled to offer techniques for getting through them and solutions to help change them. Thanks Sara, for being an awesome person, and for being a great table mate!!

Stay well.

If you would like to know more about Totem Tamers, click on one of the Totems to the left! Click here for more about ArtsEdConsultant.