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For the most part, I think I’m a darn good parent. My kids are so far so good, even as children of divorce (shhhh, it’s true, it is possible!) Of course, their respective therapists will hopefully do a fine job of untwisting them when they get older, so there’s that for them to look forward to. If I had to answer the difficult question of ways I could improve my parenting, I would definitely answer that I wish I had more of a chance to spend alone time with each of my three kids, and that sometimes when I yell “Because I said so,” that I wouldn’t cringe in horror while they could still see me and therefore discredit me. And I guess, maybe, but just maybe, I would try to censor a bit more of their exposure to mature themes. Anyone who has children of varying ages will agree that the youngest is most likely witnessing scenes that your oldest would never have witnessed at the same age. For example, my oldest didn’t have a clue what a Power Ranger was until he was 6 years old and in school. My youngest, Power Ranger for Halloween at age 2. Ooops! Another such example would be the watching of an extremely popular sitcom called “How I Met Your Mother.” Yes, this is what we watch on Netflix during family dinner. I know! Totally inappropriate is what you’re probably thinking, and you are absolutely right! So in an effort to make that abundantly clear, at least once in every episode we watch, if not several times, when any character says something sexually explicit that makes me cringe in horror, I yell at the top of my lungs “Inappropriate!” Sort of like when you’re on the golf course and you slice a shot that you know is going to take someone’s head off, so you holler “Fore!” It absolves you of any responsibility. The truth is, the kids don’t understand much of the innuendo thankfully, and the only line I have ever heard them repeat, is the one about “dropping a deuce.” Yeah, I live with three boys folks, pay attention! When the opportunity came up to get a Totem in to the hands of one of the stars of the show, I did what I had to do. I begged and pleaded until my new BFF made it happen (Thank you so much EB)! Totem Tamers is thrilled to say that Josh Radnor has met his Totem! I chose Bulldog for him. Just because. The show had their final episode last night, and we are still a couple seasons behind, but as a family united, we will learn just how he met their mother. So don’t ruin it for me!!!

How I met your Totem!

How I met your Totem!

If you have stopped judging me, great, if not, that’s ok too, everyone needs someone to make them feel better about themselves. While you’re standing on your parenting pedestal however, take a moment to glance at the Totems to your left, I am sure you could use one, and I know your kids definitely do! 😉

Stay well.