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Thank you to everyone who forwarded me the article from the New York Times last week! That means Totem Tamers message is getting through, and that’s half the battle. In this insightful article by David Bornstein, he discusses childhood trauma and resulting behavioral issues that young children exhibit after experiencing trauma. Bornstein, introduces us to a group in Missouri, called Head Start Trauma Smart, that is teaching calming techniques not just to children, but to the adults that interact with these children.  Some of the techniques are the very ones Totem Tamers uses, such as deep breathing, repetition, and tactile exercises. As much as I love the validation, I am further overjoyed at the resounding belief that simply validating someone’s feelings is a step towards calming down. I am continually grateful to people like David Bornstein, who regularly talk about “touchy subjects”, because without the conversation and without mainstreaming the issues that most of us have had to deal with it at one time or another, we can’t move forward. This is progress, this is important. If it were up to me, Totem Tamers, would be in every classroom in every city, in every state, because every child deserves to have their feelings validated, and every child deserves to have the courage to calm themselves. The feedback that I get from parents on a regular basis motivates our message even further. When I heard from a mom of a 9-yr-old boy, who is having to make regular doctor visits, that he loves his Bulldog and even named it, I got shivers! That’s why the conversation about anxiety and stress is so important, because you never know when someone who really needs help will overhear and discover a coping mechanism that works for them and/or their child!

Validate feelings here!

Validate feelings here!

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