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I have struggled since yesterday’s deadly building blast in Harlem, to find the words to share. I was prepared to do a WARRIOR WEDNESDAY, as I stared at the images of WARRIORS rushing to the scene of the destruction in my city. Firefighters, EMT’s, Police, even local residents, doing whatever they could to help the many that were impacted by the explosion. I found myself speechless, as I ran through the rolodex in my head to reach out to people I know in the neighborhood to make sure they were ok. Thankfully they were ok, but definitely shaken up.

WARRIORS:Anthony DelMundo/NYDailyNews

WARRIORS:Anthony DelMundo/NYDailyNews

But many others did not fare as well, as the death toll rises, and some are still missing. There is rubble where there used to be buildings. Not just buildings, but homes. Lives that were spent in the space that now only holds memories that are threatened by the shattered remains.

Remains of the day.  James Keivom/NYDailyNews

Remains of the day.
James Keivom/NYDailyNews

Hundreds have been displaced and lives are now forever changed, but there will be rebuilding. There will be a sense of community as neighbors cling to each other for solace and understanding. There will be investigations and plans to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. There will be hope, and in times like these, it’s the hope that keeps us going. Thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by this event.

Stay well.