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There are so many songs about love, falling in love, searching for love, and just as many songs about losing love, breaking up, and heartbreak, just like the tune in my title. For many, it’s the music that helps us process our feelings, even recognize them if we didn’t before. I mean, think about The Carpenters’ and their song “Close to you.”

We know they are talking about love even though they don’t actually come right out and say it. Then there’s Ben Folds Five and “Song for the dumped.” There’s absolutely no mistaking what that tune’s about.

Then there’s my son’s song. I can’t share it with you yet, but he finished it yesterday, shortly after his “friend-girl” broke up with him. I wrote about them on Valentine’s Day. His song is filled with both love and heartache and I couldn’t be more proud. I told him that I wished for him a thousand heartbreaks. He looked at me like I was nuts. I explained that with every heartbreak comes love and there is nothing better than that. The song is just a bonus.

Stay well.

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