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Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my brother. He’s been gone for ten years now, and even though the pain of his death is lessened somewhat, the pain of missing him will always linger. It’s tough, because when Jonathan is top of mind, it’s because I am talking about his heroin overdose. Talking about the policy changes taking place across the country that might have saved his life, if they had been around ten years ago. Essentially talking about something sad and difficult and painful. You try to remember the good times, but they seem so long ago. Well, yesterday I was blessed with an opportunity to thank someone who helped provide some of my favorite memories of time spent with my brother. I was 15, Jonathan was 17, he would grab his guitar and we would go sit on the beach and sing. One of our favorite songs to sing together was “Wish You Were Here,” by Pink Floyd. Last night, I got to say thank you to Roger Waters for that song, and for those happy memories of my brother.

Thank you, Roger Waters!

Thank you, Roger Waters!

"…heroes for ghosts."

“A smile from a veil?”

"….heroes for ghosts."

“….heroes for ghosts.”

Mr. Waters was gracious and kind, and I gave him Totem Sets, of course. I told him I was giving him animals in honor of the Floyd album, “Animals.” He got a chuckle out of that one. I’m sure my brother would have laughed, too. He had such a great laugh. How I wish, how I wish he were here.

Stay well.