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I ran into a friend last night who was all excited about his family’s Christmas Eve plans. They were doing it full-on Italian style! The way he described it was a lot of seafood and eating all night. Sounds perfect to me! I know there are lots of different traditions out there and Totem Tamers would certainly love to have you share yours! I know another family has a Swedish Christmas eve with lots of Swedish goodies, while an Irish family I know will make traditional Christmas Pudding. Then there’s the British family who will undoubtedly, and deliciously cover something in bacon and stick it in the oven. Half of my family is in upstate New York where they will participate in a bittersweet Eve as they celebrate the life of the family matriarch and chow on the traditional fried rice. My other half of the family (pretty much all born Jewish, by the way) will be exchanging gifts around a Christmas tree for the first time ever. Could it be a new tradition in the making? Maybe!!

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The Totems have their traditions as well! Bear will make sure everyone is tucked in just right. Owl will keep watch through the night. Bulldog will try hard not to slobber on the gifts and Shark will guard the milk and cookies! Merry Christmas Eve to all!

Stay well.

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