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It’s WARRIOR WEDNESDAY! It also happens to be the busiest travel day of the year. According AAA, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the single busiest travel day of the holiday weekend. AAA also estimates that more than 43 million people will be traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving. That means on planes, trains, and in automobiles!! That means pilots, flight attendants, TSA agents, toll booth workers, highway patrol officers, conductors and engineers will all be working to get you where you need to go. They are the WARRIORS of the week with a tough job dealing with cranky children and even crankier parents!! Hats off to everyone who helps make the travel safer even if you can’t make it any easier. And boo to Mother Nature who decided to send a Nor’ Easter our way to add to the fun of the already chaotic travel experience. Grab your Totem and thank anyone of those people you encounter on your journey to your Turkey!!

Oh and Happy first night of Hannukah to those who celebrate!

"Totem, totem, totem, I made it out of bronze!"

“Totem, totem, totem, I made it out of bronze!”

Stay well.

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