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I am so blessed to have created a business, with a great friend, where we saw a need that was not being fully met. Everyone, and yes, I mean everyone, has anxiety every now and again, and sure there are different products on the market that can help, from stress balls to medication. Totem Tamers is revolutionary in that we not only give you something tactile, we also guide you with simple steps towards relaxation and regaining calm when in an overwhelming situation. We are new and we are doing our best to get the word out and your support is amazing! The more we talk about anxiety, the more we are willing to seek help for it, and the more potential Totem Tamers has to help others! We’ve seen it work and so have others and one day (hopefully soon), there will be Totems everywhere. This morning I am taking steps to make that happen by filling an order I will tell you more about in a week or so!

Happy-making stacks of Totems!

Happy-making stacks of Totems!

There is still time to order a Totem Set for Hanukah, Chanukah, Hannukah, Channukah, and of course, Christmas! Click here to shop for a Totem for yourself or someone you love. In the meantime, I’m going back to work!!

Stay well.