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Last week’s ING New York City Marathon, boasted it’s biggest number of participants ever, at more than 50,000 entrants. Joy Johnson, was one of them. At 86 years old, Johnson took part in her 25th marathon.

Joy had become quite well known, and she celebrated all of her finishes by making her way to The Today Show the next morning. This year was no different. Joy (also my mom’s name, so there’s a sweet spot) completed the marathon in just under 8 hours, even after falling at one point, yet there she was on television with Al Roker, the next morning. Joy was quoted in an interview saying she would “die in my tennis shoes,” and that’s exactly what she did. After her moment on The Today Show, Joy returned to her hotel room to rest a bit, and never woke up. Her daughter said she died exactly the way she wanted to. Totem Tamers is sorry for her loss, but we are inspired by this woman who found something she loved and did it with style and grace all the way to the end. We can only hope the same will be true for all of us.

Stay well.

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