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I used to be a talk-radio host. I miss it. A lot. There is nothing more power-inducing than getting to blather my opinions on the air and hanging up on people who are boring, rude, or just plain ignorant. I miss it even more when I read articles in the paper that make me absolutely berserk. As the Totems and I sat with the morning paper and a cup of java, I came across this little nugget that had me spewing venom instead of coffee.

The New York Daily News, my morning paper

The New York Daily News, my morning paper

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that intense, but it certainly got my ire up and made me want to holler at someone, someone in particular, someone who is identified in the article as a “noted pediatrician and professor.” The article is about the age of kids using electronics getting younger and younger. I get that our kids have too much “screen” exposure and yes, it’s a tad bit concerning that my 7 year old can google better than I can, but I am also realistic about the world we live in today. I have two kids that go to an incredible junior high called “The Computer School,” for goodness sakes! I do have rules around the computer and screen time, (as most do) and mine may be more strict or more liberal than others, but they are my rules nonetheless. No “gaming” during the week is pretty much the biggest and the one that ticks my kids off the most! I also don’t let them have televisions in their bedrooms, because I want them to sleep. This noted pediatrician/professor, Dr. Victor Strasburger suggests we shouldn’t allow electronics in our kids bedrooms, not because it will distract them or prevent quality sleep, but to protect us from potentially “unpleasant situations.” The article goes on to quote Dr. Strasburger, “I guarantee you that if you have a 14-year-old boy and he has an Internet connection in his bedroom, he is looking at pornography.” Well, Dr. Strasburger, I have news for you, if my 14-year-old son is not looking at pornography, I would be really concerned. Click! (That’s the sound of me hanging up on the caller for being ignorant!) “That’s all the time we have today, thanks for listening and remember, mind your parents, and mind your own business.”

Stay well.

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