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I love what I do! I love it because I get to meet really incredible people who do really incredible things and are generally just pretty awesome. One of those people is Ray Ferrer. I have a virtual friendship with Ray because we have never met, but many months ago, Ray, saw one of my posts and “liked” it and decided to “follow” Totem Tamers. I am always curious about the people who read my stuff, so I went to check him out and I was blown away!

"New York State of Mind"

“New York State of Mind”

His magnificent works of art are spray painted! Yes, that spray paint!

"Jimi Hendrix" (I'm a huge Jimi fan!)

“Jimi Hendrix” (I’m a huge Jimi fan!)

I’m going on and on about Ray, not only because he’s a fantastic artist, but because he is also generous of spirit. Ray is pledging to donate of portion of proceeds from sales made the rest of this month to the fight agains Breast Cancer! So you can get some original art and help a great cause at the same time. Everyone wins! Check out more of Ray’s work on his Facebook page, and “like” it while you’re at it, or go right to his Etsy page and make a purchase!

Stay well.

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