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I’m annoying. Not all the time, but sometimes. Especially when my intuition is all aglow and I am sensing there’s more to a facial expression than someone is letting on. Yes, I am that person who will look at you and say “Ok, now tell me how you are really doing.” When I greeted a new mom friend, and Totem Tamer supporter in the playground yesterday, I knew something was up because she seemed almost distant and definitely tense. To her incredible credit (I suspect she is very intuitive as well), she must have seen my look and came to me moments later to apologize and explain why she was distracted. Her child had lost her brand new Bulldog Totem and was frantically searching the playground for it. As a parent of a child who has anxiety, I knew all too well what she was going through, more so when I saw the expression on her kids face. Painful, to say the least. Apparently, the Totem made its way in to the hands of a fellow classmate who thought nothing of gifting it to yet another student. Now my friend is doing whatever she can to track down the Totem. Hopefully she will find Bulldog, and thankfully she was prepared for just such an emergency and had purchased an Owl Totem as well!  The mom even joked that she needed a Totem just to get through this incident. I reminded her that even without the Totem in hand, the visualization and repetition of the rhyme can be incredibly helpful and soothing. Good luck in finding Bulldog, and with staying calm.

Have you seen this Bulldog?

Have you seen this Bulldog?

Stay well.

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