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Today we are honored to name U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, as this week’s WARRIOR! He is the man charged with managing the funding for our children’s education and creating policies to protect and enhance the potential for learning in this day and age, among a host of other huge responsibilities. Totem Tamers had the pleasure of meeting Secretary Duncan and watching as he fielded questions from people with varied backgrounds, all interested in improving the education of our children. There were questions about technology and how to increase access for students and families. An astounding 7 to 9 billion dollars a year is spent on textbooks. Secretary Duncan spoke about using that money to go high-tech and put textbooks online, which may ultimately save money but certainly save the kids from carrying heavy loads back and forth. There were discussions about testing standards, teacher evaluations, physical education and the arts, and Secretary Duncan listened intently and offered his experience and his hopes for the future. It’s amazing when a group of passionate activists get together in a room for a similar cause and it was great meeting one of our countries foremost education experts. Totem Tamers was pleased to send Secretary Duncan away with a Bear Totem Set as a thank you, not just for speaking to this group, but for doing what he can to make sure our children are well equipped to lead this nation in the years to come. If you’d like to know more about the Department of Education, this link can tell you everything you ever needed to know.

A little blurry and he is really tall!!

A little blurry and he is really tall!!

Thank you Secretary Duncan for being a WARRIOR on behalf of students and teachers in this country!

Stay well.

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