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Who knew?! Of course every day should be a day of encouragement, but on this day it is the National Day of Encouragement which sort of makes it really official. You can also read in to it what you like, it may be a day for you to focus on encouraging others, or you can finally (even if just for today) make it about yourself, and encourage yourself to do something you have always wanted to do! It doesn’t matter how small or how big the task may be, what matters is the message to yourself and others as you are encouraging possibilities and potential. There’s a tremendous difference in the impact on emotions when a message is delivered in a positive, motivating and encouraging manner. For example, saying to yourself “Today is the day. I will walk with my head up, with a smile on my face, and know that just because that enticing neon sign is flashing “Hot Now” doesn’t mean I have to stop for a Krispy Kreme”, is a positive encouragement. It is more likely that the message in your head sounds something like this “Dammit, that stupid Krispy Kreme had to open up in my neighborhood, and of course the sign is on telling me the donuts are hot and fresh, and I haven’t done a darn thing to lose those pounds I put on over the summer, I may as well just have one, but no, I’ll just walk right by because I don’t deserve it.” See the difference? The first message is giving you power while the second message is giving those deliciously glazed donuts the power and putting you down, even though the end result is not eating the donut. (Not that there’s anything wrong with eating a donut of course.) Encourage yourself and others with positivity and not only will it make you feel good, if you feel good, everyone around you will feel it too!

The Totems encouraging each other to take some deep breaths and relax!

The Totems encouraging each other to take some deep breaths and relax!

Stay well.

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