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I was struck by a memory today of when my oldest (now 13!) was just an infant. We used to go for walks every day around the complex where we lived. It’s the same walk I would take my pregnant self on for exercise for months before he was born. Now all of a sudden the walks took on another meaning and another appearance altogether. I hadn’t noticed the blue-jays cawing above, but now I was pointing them out to my son. I somehow missed the iguanas and lizards that called the foliage home, but now they were our pals that we would visit when we could. I didn’t pay much attention to the squirrels who ran circles around each other and us, but now we brought them peanuts and often fed them by hand. All of a sudden my whole world opened up because now all of a sudden I was given the wonderful opportunity of opening up my son’s world and I didn’t want him to miss a thing. Then it was him pointing things out to me! The helicopter that we couldn’t even see, but he heard the whir of the blades and called out “he-wi-copper!” The blare of the sirens in the background of my existence, but to him it meant “fire twuck!” Every dog, every bird, every plane, now became players in my little one’s script and I will always be grateful to him for helping me notice all the wondrous sights and sounds I was taking for granted. I went on to have two more children and each time I couldn’t wait to point out all the things they could see and was surprised (and still am) by the things they would point out to me. Give yourself a gift and take a moment to see and hear the world as a child does and see the beauty all around you that comes with the innocence.

Stay well.

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