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I enjoy the opportunity I get to pick a WARRIOR each week. I treasure the opportunity when I get to pick a dear friend as a WARRIOR. Our connection was instant from the moment we met and I am honored to call this man my friend and even more honored to make him a WARRIOR this week! Bobby Kleinau is just one of those special people. Not just because he lost over 140 pounds, but because he lost all that weight and wants to help anyone who wants the help, do the same! Bobby is an amazing person. Not just because he adopted a stray dog, but because when that dog became paralyzed after a freak accident, Bobby ignored advice to euthanize him and Jack the dog continues to thrive today on just two legs. I can tell you more about why Bobby is this week’s WARRIOR, but you can see for yourself in this short video that will surely warm your heart.

Bobby, thank you for being a WARRIOR, and most of all, thank you for being in my life. Give Jack a kiss for me!

Stay well.

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