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I can’t say this enough, I am blessed to be able to do what I do because it continues to connect me with truly incredible people who have come through some traumatic, tragic, and trying events and come out triumphant on the other side. One of these people I am humbled to have recently connected with is Helane Brachfeld-Colvin. In 2008, Helane’s husband, Stephen Colvin, a world renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon passed away from multiple myeloma. Dr. Colvin left behind his wife and two young children, and the legacy of an incredible charity, Project Kids Worldwide, that brings children from around the world to NYU-Langone Hospital for life-saving heart surgeries.

Dr. Stephen Colvin, Founder of Project Kids Worldwide.

Dr. Stephen Colvin, Founder of Project Kids Worldwide.

Widowed and now a single mom, Helane vowed her young children would remember their father and the wonderful work he did before he died. As the Director of Project Kids Worldwide, Helane continues to raise money that ultimately helps pay for transportation, surgery, and lodging during recovery, for kids that need heart operations. The website has very touching stories from patients that were operated on by Dr. Colvin and his team, and that team continues saving lives today.


Helane Brachfeld-Colvin and Ashley Gallegos.

Helane Brachfeld-Colvin and Ashley Gallegos, a recipient.

Totem Tamers is honored to call Helane a WARRIOR and inspired by the work that Project Kids Worldwide continues to strive for and accomplish. If you’d like to learn more about Project Kids Worldwide and help Helane continue her efforts of saving the lives of young children around the world, visit their website at www.projectkidsworldwide.com. Totem Tamers is proud to connect with this organization and we pledge to donate a Totem Set to children brought in by PKW to help them and their families through the experience.

To learn more about Totem Tamers, visit our site at www.totemtamers.com.

Stay well.