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Seems to be a theme this week, I guess. I was having a conversation with a friend who said “I’m so lost.” Wasn’t a deep or profound statement, he was just confused in the conversation because sometimes I’m a crazy talker and even though I know what I’m talking about, it isn’t rare for me to get that look of “What the heck is she talking about?” Needless to say, my response to my friend was “You’re not lost! You’re just waiting to be found.” There was the deep, profound statement. This hearkens back to an earlier post about turning a negative in to a positive, this is a perfect example. Ok, so it doesn’t count when you are actually trying to get to an address and you are physically lost, but you probably hear people complain or gripe often about the state of their lives, proclaiming that they are “lost.” I’m here to say, you are not lost, simply waiting to be found. The message though is very different from the one we give our children when we are in crowded setting for example. We tell our kids that if we get separated, stay in one place, don’t move, eventually we will circle back and find you. As adults, I believe the opposite is true, when we are “waiting to be found,” we need to keep moving, we need to change directions, we need to look around every corner, because you never know when you might bump in to someone else who is also “waiting to be found.” The good news is that most of us have a touch of ADD, so we’re not sitting still very long anyway. The sad news is that a lot of us are so scared to move that we become paralyzed with fear. Is it the fear of getting lost? More likely it is the fear of being found.

I hope I am always trying to find myself, even when I have no idea where the hell I am!

Keep searching, keep moving, keep wanting to be found.

Stay well.

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