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WARRIOR WEDNESDAY can encompass just about anything or anyone that requires or exemplifies true power, whether it’s a story about someone overcoming a tremendous challenge, me waxing on about parenting, or an idea that’s been created to help people. This weekly musing may also cover emotionally charged topics such as Addiction, Anxiety, Phobias and Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, otherwise known as PMS, which is what I want to discuss today. Who might the WARRIOR be then, you ask? Well I think this one has several potential WARRIORS. First, lets start with the human body. Wow! Every month for at least a few decades, give or take, the female body goes through an incredible and intricate cycle. Without going into too many medical terms and graphic descriptions, you pretty much know, the body creates eggs and releases them. Two hormones are in effect during this entire process, estrogen and progesterone. The estrogen elevates our moods and progesterone provides a calming effect. This is all skillfully described in an article by Laura Ballard. Needless to say, these two hormones are usually dancing in unison, but every month it’s as though one hormone chooses a Tango and the other a Waltz and that’s when you get a weepy, bitchy, demanding, starving, needy, sensitive female. Some experience these symptoms more severely than others, and some you may say are like this “all the time!” Our second WARRIOR in this theme then is the women who are the bearers of all this miraculous physical change and mood-shifting and for many, blessed with the opportunity to carry and birth babies (and no the moods don’t stop during pregnancy, they only become more frequent and erratic, yay!) We do have a third WARRIOR group though, it is all the loved ones who have to put up with us dipping the kids’ old halloween candy, fist and all, in to the peanut butter jar late at night. The sweet souls who hand us tissues when that damned Sarah MacLachlan-narrated-puppy torture video comes on again, and we are reduced to tears. The somewhat innocent children who look at us in utter surprise when we yell “You will sit there all night until those lima beans are eaten, don’t you know there are starving children in Uganda?!”  Yes, you are all WARRIORS and we thank you for your patience and understanding. I will try not to throw my Totem at you! Deep breaths, visualization, repetition and Midol to the rescue!

Stay well or f*%k off!

*I was going to include a picture of the Totems on a Maxi-pad, but realized I could just tell you and that would provide enough of a visual!