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Happy Tuesday! A while back I posted about an old friend whom I had not been in touch with regularly and had recently and sadly passed away. It made me ponder about “Touch Base Tuesday” where we would reach out to someone we haven’t spoken to in a long time to just say “Hey!” Thinking about that and my business partner, made me realize that Totem Tamers wouldn’t exist had I not reached out to Daniel after we had lost touch and checked in with him! Pretty amazing things can happen if we remove the guilt and expectations from our lives and just proceed with honest intent. I am proceeding here to tell you that I am blessed with a great business partner who is also a great friend. I am the one who gets to be the “voice” of TT and I am honored, challenged, inspired, and motivated to continue bringing you stories that will hopefully impact you positively. However, my partner, is super fantastic and we wouldn’t be Totem Tamers without him and his experiences with panic attacks. Daniel sent an email the other day that was so brilliant and eloquent that I decided I had to share some of it with you (he knows, and thanks Dan!) Here’s a snippet:

“I watched a show on TV that was saying we have the same physical brain that we did as cavemen, it’s basically a chimp’s mind.  They are practically identical in fact.  So we have an ancient computer and we’re trying to run state of the art software (i.e. cities, laws, social pressure, jobs, money etc.) that basically makes no sense for what the brain was intended for.  Our brains feel most comfortable when they are figuring out ways to keep us warm, fed, and sexy.  Anything that is not working to one of those three ends, is sort of out of bounds.  And this is why we have so many misfiring “fight or flight” signals.  This is why Anxiety is increasing in our society.  Our brains misinterpret conceptual situations, like being socially embarrassed (let’s say trapped in the middle of a row at a theater and having to disturb everyone in the row to get out) as being trapped by a hungry predator.  So since we can’t fight the theater, we must escape from it (because naturally we are cornered).  ”

By opening up and sharing our experiences, Totem Tamers, hopes to help you take a step towards something that has been challenging and approach it with calm and confidence. Daniel and I have seen the Totems work their magic firsthand and we are excited at the possibilities. Thank you for supporting us and for inspiring us to continue expanding and creating more tools to help you achieve your goals. Please share your stories with us and pictures of you and your Totems, at info@totemtamers.com. To shop for a Totem, please visit www.totemtamers.com/store.

Stay well.