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Oh my goodness, I was fully prepared to write this deep moving post about growth potential when I came up with the title. It, of course, reminded me of my childhood and the “grosser than gross” jokes we used to tell as kids. I was only remembering fairly inappropriate ones, so I did a search to see if I could find one that wasn’t so horrible. Well let me tell you, the ones I knew are nowhere near as horrible as the ones I found!!! Go ahead, have a little disgusting fun and search it, I dare you. Meanwhile, the only one I found that I can share goes a little like this: What’s grosser than gross? Finding a worm in your apple. What’s grosser than that? Finding half a worm in your apple. Ewwww! Now I will attempt a segue from apples in to the wonderfully hopeful post I had intended. The following image is what spurred me:

The grass IS greener! (Ok it's not grass, but you know what I mean!)

The grass IS greener! (Ok it’s not grass, but you know what I mean!)

I was walking through Central Park in the rain and the trees are still bare of leaves from the winter, which is beautiful in and of itself. When I noticed through the bare trees, however, the lovely tulips sprouting up, it put a spring in my step! It made me think about how sometimes as individuals we need to shed our layers just so we can continue to grow. We are constantly playing out patterns that don’t necessarily work for us, but we sometimes find it very difficult to break out of them. So the green sprouting from the ground is a motivational message to break the patterns, shed the layers that are keeping you from progress, and grow, just grow. After taking the picture, it was nice to put my hand in my pocket and feel my Totem still warm from my energy. I took several deep breaths and made my way home. I hope you do the same.

Stay well.