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Hannah Storm

This week’s WARRIOR is sports anchor, Hannah Storm! Just weeks ago, Storm was severely burned in a home grilling accident when propane, lingering in the air around the grill, ignited a wall of fire engulfing Storm. With burns to her face and body, Storm was rushed to a burn center where she underwent painful treatment to aid in her recovery. The anxiety she felt after the accident is palpable when you imagine that she has made her career in front of the cameras and now there was a major fear that she would be disfigured. After just a few weeks, Hannah Storm returned to the airwaves to host the Rose Parade broadcast on New Year’s Day. Hours in the make-up chair to replace eyebrows and eyelashes that were singed off in the fire, and hair extensions to fill in where her hair was cut off after being burned, Storm took to the set and shared her story with co-host and friend Josh Elliot. See the heartwarming footage below:


Storm was lucky, and she is using this trauma to raise awareness of grilling safety and of course, show the world that with plenty of support you can overcome very scary events. Totem Tamers is proud to call Hannah Storm a WARRIOR and wishes all the best in her recovery.