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$147 million dollars! That’s what Zack Greinke is being paid to join the LA Dodgers baseball team, but that’s NOT why he’s this weeks WARRIOR. Zack is our WARRIOR WEDNESDAY because as someone who has suffered from Social Anxiety Disorder, he is proving that you can overcome and get paid boatloads of money as a reward! Zack was so afflicted with anxiety and depression that he almost ended his career that has garnered him a Cy Young award and a reputation as a great pitcher in Major League Baseball. Congratulations Zack and our baseball hats off to you for serving as a beacon of hope for many who just don’t think they can accomplish something because their fears are so great. There is hope and there is help. Totem Tamers is just one of the many resources available. Find us at www.totemtamers.com. Who knows, maybe there will be a baseball themed totem one of these days!

Photo courtesy of whittierdailynews.com