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Two weeks ago Totem Tamers introduced you to Max, one of our loyal WARRIORS! Max was kind enough to share with us how he has used Totem Tamers and how it has helped him. Here is the video testimonial again in case you missed it!

Max, of course, had some help from his amazing mom, Anna. That’s why this week, she is our WARRIOR WEDNESDAY! We asked Anna to share with us her thoughts on parenting a child with anxieties. Here is what she wrote:

“Sometimes we forget that childhood is not all fun and games. There are fears to overcome and obstacles to surmount. What may seem like a small concern to us adults, can feel like climbing Mount Everest for a kid. It’s important to remember that all children feel anxiety from time-to-time. I am the mom of a super anxious child. My son has had worries big and small since he was able to talk.

In Kindergarten he wouldn’t leave the house for one whole week. We almost had to cancel a vacation to Hawaii because he saw something in the brochure that was too scary. He won’t go to stores where there are too many people and noises. Restaurants are out of the question because the music provokes anxiety. Forget about last week when we visited my brother’s house, which was decorated for Halloween—yikes!

You are probably wondering why this kid isn’t in therapy. Well he is, and it is helping. But like all things in life, it’s a process and along the way we use different tools. For the past year, totems have become part of our toolbox.
Bear came to the beach in Miami to protect against jellyfish. Who knew Owl would get Max on the subway for the first time in 2 years this summer? And most recently, Shark–the animal he loves and respects most in the world–has been swimming with him to his new school.

Each time Max breaks through to the other side of one of his worries it’s a victory–an invaluable lesson that he can survive the worst of what he fears. In this way, Max reminds me of the many prisms through which we all experience life. And every day I remind him just how very proud I am of him.”

Thank you for sharing your story Anna, and for being a WARRIOR in the battle of understanding and awareness. To learn more and find a totem of your own, please visit www.totemtamers.com.