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Another group is being recognized as our WARRIORS this week, students. Yes, students going back to school, students going to college for the first time, students who face the pressure and anxiety of succeeding in a new environment with new teachers, new expectations, and new realities. This should be a time of hope, future possibilities, and fun! I remember when I went to college a “few” years back and even though I was so excited, I remember also being terribly freaked out. For me, and this may be way too much information for you, but my anxiety kept me in the bathroom for long amounts of time. So much so that my mom took me to the health clinic. Not the first place on campus you want to visit opening week, but alas that’s where I found myself. I soon realized I had to pull it together, or else. Not everyone has the ability to make that choice so easily. I just read a story about a young woman who jumped off the roof of her dormitory on the first night she started college. Tragic. This is not uncommon and the statistic on the homepage of The Jed Foundation reads that one in ten college students has considered suicide. The foundation was formed as a response to the high levels of anxiety and depression found among college aged people.

Ok, that’s enough heaviness! Time to applaud all the student WARRIORS who are making their way to the battlegrounds of their futures! With a totem in hand and a class schedule that lets you sleep in most mornings, you are on your way!!

Thanks to Jackson a student at Syracuse University for sending a picture of his Bulldog Totem with the Carrier Dome as a backdrop! You are a WARRIOR, indeed!


Stay well!