My middle son was the inspiration for creating Totem Tamers (it helped that I had a friend who related and was willing to go into business with me!) That boy continues to inspire me every step of the way. That’s why he is this weeks WARRIOR WEDNESDAY! “E” put on his best bravery suit and hopped on a bus to sleep away camp on Monday. Let me tell you it was hard on the both of us. He was trying desperately to keep a dry eye and not let his fear show, and as his mother I was doing the same. We were both anxious, we were both trying to be strong for each other. I made sure to pack his Totem (he is partial to BULLDOG) and reminded him to use it when he needed and to take deep breaths as often as possible. Deep breaths are what kept me from bawling as the bus pulled away. The hardest was keeping it together when “E’s” big brother hugged him goodbye and just held him, as a mother there is nothing more heartwarming than seeing your children express their love for each other. I should mention that on the opposite side of this display was “E’s” younger brother who barely wanted to shake hands with him while secretly plotting what toy he was going to abscond with while his brother was away at camp! So here’s to you “E,” my son, my baby, my WARRIOR!